11, 18, 25 March 2015

Every kitchen in Britain is likely to have three things in the cupboard and fridge: milk, tea and bread. Three staples of the British diet, we often take these simple foods for granted. But do we really know how they're produced? Is there a difference between cheap supermarket brands and artisan products? Are they healthy? Are they sustainable? And why is it that we've come to rely so heavily on these ingredients over the centuries?

Join TOAST for a special series of debates at Borough Market in March 2015 to delve into the history, science and politics of our kitchen staples.

MILK - March 11th    7-9pm

Steve Hook - farmer and owner of Hook & Son raw milk, and star of documentary The Moo Man
Dil Peeling - Campaign Director of Compassion in World Farming
Lee-Anna Rennie - “The Dairy Maid” and dairy coordinator at The School of Artisan Food
Charlie Taverner - business reporter at Farmers Weekly, the leading trade magazine for British farmers
Moderator: Bee Wilson - food writer and historian, and author of ‘Consider the Fork’

TEA - March 18th    7-9pm

Tim d'Offay, - co-founder of East Teas and Postcard Teas, specialising in loose-leaf teas
Sarah Roberts - executive director of the Ethical Tea Partnership
Jane Pettigrew - tea historian and author of 15 books on tea
Nick Kilby - founder of Tea Pigs and tea evangelist
Moderator: Sybil Kapoor - chef, food writer and author of seven cookbooks

BREAD - March 25th    7-9pm

Aidan Chapman - master baker and “Dough Anarchist” at Bread Ahead
Dr Chris Brock - director of the London Food Centre
Chris Young - Real Bread Campaign coordinator and editor of The Jellied Eel
Andy Forbes - founder of the Brockwell Bake Association who produce stone-ground flour and help cultivate traditional taller wheats
Moderator: Jojo Tulloh - food writer and author of The Modern Peasent

£15 tickets include the debate and all food and drink, along with tastings from Borough Market traders.

Click on "Book Tickets" to book individual events or all three for the special price of £40.

VENUE: Borough Market,1 Cathedral Street, SE1 1DE