February 3, 2018

Taking Care Of Your Investment: How To Make Your Coffee Maker Run Like New Again

How to Make Your Coffee Maker Run Like New

It is perfectly normal for you to want to cling on to your coffee maker for as long as possible. Unfortunately, like all things in life, your coffee machine will not last forever. The parts will eventually wear out, and problems will occur; all that leads to an inevitable end and you having to invest in a new unit.

On the bright side, the way you take care of your coffee machine will determine how long it will last. There are also some tips and tricks you can use to keep your coffee maker run like new for longer. As always, we have done our research and saved you the effort to try and find out how to make your coffee maker run like new on your own.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Coffee Maker In The First Place

How to Make Your Coffee Maker Run Like New

High-quality coffee makers need less maintenance and tend to run perfectly well for much longer than cheap, poorly-made machines. It is therefore logical that you should invest a bit more time initially, as that will save the time and effort you need to invest later on in having to repair or replace your coffee machine.

High price, more often than not, indicates that the parts of the coffee maker are of the higher quality as well. Renowned brands cost more, but their name guarantees that the product is reliable and as advertised. Read this review and recommendation regarding the Hamilton Beach coffee makers.

Another thing worth considering when purchasing a coffee maker is the guarantee period given by the manufacturer or the seller. Longer warranty period provides you with a sense of security, as this is the time that the manufacturers are certain that their product will run without any problems.

Even if your coffee maker breaks during the warranty period, you will not have to worry much as you can simply have it repaired by a certified dealer, replace it for another one or have your money back.

The design is an important thing to consider, as all of us have a natural inclination towards beautiful things. But, if you want your coffee maker to run like new for longer you should put the looks aside and pay more attention to the quality of making, the materials the coffee maker is made of, the brand and, as we already stated, the warranty period guaranteed by the manufacturer or the seller.

How To Make Your Coffee Maker Run Like New Again

How to Make Your Coffee Maker Run Like New

If you start having some problems with your coffee maker, or the coffee changes its taste, you should definitely take some measures. After all, not being able to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee when your coffee-addiction kicks in can be quite stressful.

If you are a dedicated coffee lover that means business, you have to invest some of the precious time and effort to take care of your coffee maker in a timely manner. We have some useful tips for you. If you follow our advice, you will learn how to make your coffee maker run like new again.

● Regular Cleaning

It is important to clean your coffee machine after every use. Leaving the machine dirty will, in time, cause buildup of dirt and limescale that will be hard, or even impossible, to clean.
For this reason, after you make your cup of coffee, take a few minutes to wash all the washable parts in mild, soapy water. Air dry them well before reassembling the machine. Finally, use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior as to get rid of any accidental spills.

● Regular Descaling

Every manufacturer recommends the maintenance schedule in the instructions provided with the product. These recommendations should be followed to the letter for the best performance of the coffee machine, but it is rarely so.

We live in hectic times, and there is very little free time. We all try to spend every available moment doing the things we enjoy with people we love. For this reason, we often tend to neglect such seemingly trivial things like cleaning the coffee maker.

We understand and feel for you, but you must at least try to descale your beloved coffee machine as often as possible. In terms of time, you should do that at least once a month. If even that is too much for you, at least do it four times a year.

The best way to descale your coffee machine is to use white vinegar and water solution. There are commercial products you can use for this purpose as well, but we support this natural approach.

Mix the equal parts of white vinegar and water, and then pour the mixture into the reservoir you usually pour the water in. Do not put the coffee pods in. Let the machine run once and then allow one hour for it to sit without spilling the vinegar solution out.

Run the machine for several times more, or until most of the vinegar evaporates. In this way, most of the buildup and eventual clogs will be eliminated. The only task remaining is to rinse the machine thoroughly. To do that, simply run the machine with clean water at least two times.

Once you begin to descale your coffee maker like this in a timely manner, all the problems it might have should disappear, and your coffee brewer should be running as good as it used to when it was new.

Prevention Is A Great Invention

How to Make Your Coffee Maker Run Like New

Once you clean and descale your coffee maker, and it is restored to a pristine condition, your job is not done. Do you find it disappointing? You really shouldn’t as you can easily prevent future problems.

Namely, you just need to continue with the maintenance routine we have recommended, and make sure you do it when needed, and not when you feel like it. Being a true coffee lover, this should not be too hard for you.

Your coffee maker will surely last longer when you take proper care of it, but, more importantly, your coffee will be germ-free and great tasting! We all like our coffee that way, don’t we? We also wouldn’t like to have to spend our money on repairs or new coffee machine every few month!


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