December 24, 2017

How To Make A Slushie Without A Blender- A Quick Guide

how to make a slushie without a blender

What’s better than a nice and cold beverage on a hot day? A cold slushie on a hot day! You can find these delicious slushies with Smirnoff Ice, Bartles and Jaymes, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and other tasty non-alcoholic drinks!

Slushie is the perfect fun drink for those hot summer days when soda or plain juice does not seem cold enough to quench your thirst and when you just don’t want to deal with those melty popsicles. It is also a great summer activity where you can get your kids involved. They will adore the magic!

Seriously, these drinks are the coolest thing ever! You throw the ingredients together, shake, and voila! Instant slushy! They taste like the slushies which you get at a gas station. No blender, no big chunks of ice, no big mess. Just smooth slushie goodness.

You can make these with soda or with fruit juice – whatever you like the best! You can even buy the Slushy Magic Kit online, or you can make your DIY Slushy Magic at home for a few cents. It is so easy to do; even a three-year-old can do it! You literally can be drinking your slushy in five minutes from now!

We opted for an alcoholic slushie, so let’s learn how to make it!

Step 1: Supplies

how to make a slushie without a blender

You don’t need many things for a delicious slushie. First of all, you need an alcoholic beverage of choice. The drink has to be alcoholic for this instructable, just because the alcohol prevents it from freezing entirely (we used Mike’s Hard Strawberry Lemonade).

Next thing you’ll need is Quart Sized Freezer Bags. You can freeze a bunch in a gallon bag if you want this for a party! After that, you’ll need garnishes-we decided to throw a strawberry on the glass. And as the last thing, you’ll need a fancy glass for serving. This is optional, of course, as you can get a pack of plastic glasses if you intend to go for a big crowd.

You can also use a container or a collapsible water bottle. It can stay up nicely in the freezer, take longer to crush up and get out of the spout in the water bottle.

You’ll probably ask why it takes longer to get out of the water bottle? Well, you’ll see later that if you crush it up fast, it is more in the consistency of the snow cone. The more time you spend smashing it up, the more melted it gets and that makes it more slushy-like.

Step 2: Freeze

how to make a slushie without a blender

Well, this shouldn’t be a problem-pour the beverage into the bag, seal it up and put it in the freezer. If you are going to make slushies for a party, we recommend you to throw these in the fridge the night before, and you’ll be all set by morning. Otherwise, it takes around five hours, but you can check on it and drink it whenever you feel like it.

The other option is to freeze your drink into a slushy, without having to crush it up. Pure water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and water with impurities (scientifically speaking, those colors, sweeteners, and flavors are impurities) has a lower freezing point. That’s the case with our Hard Lemonade, so make sure your freezer is set lower than 32 degrees, or your drink won’t freeze into a slushy.

How long the liquid takes to freeze depends on the quantity of drink you are freezing and the temperature of the freezer, so check it up periodically to ensure it does not freeze solid.

Remember that the longer the door of the freezer is open, the more cold air will escape, which will make your freeze times longer because your freezer has to cool down again. If you have more frozen items in your freezer, the faster your drink will freeze.

Step 3: Time To Crush It Up!

how to make a slushie without a blender

Prepare your garnish before you pull your bag out of the freezer. It will seem like a big solid block, but once you bag on it a couple of times, it will start to break up and smash easily. You can use your hands or go for a rolling pin. We recommend using your hands whenever you can because you want to melt this a little bit more to make it more slushie-like and less snow cone-like.

Step 4: Dish It Up

how to make a slushie without a blender

Once you smash it up, you can go ahead and serve it right away! It is probably going to be more like a snow cone right away, and we advise you just to continue to knee the bag up in your hands just until it appears to be the consistency you want. But you can always dish them up at snow cone consistency if you prefer, and by the time you serve them, slushies should be more melted.

More Tips

Keep in mind that when you shake the bags, they get SUPER cold. If your kids are shaking them, we recommend you to wrap their hands in a dish towel or hand towel, so their little hands don’t freeze. If yours just doesn’t seem to be getting cold enough, add another teaspoon of salt and maybe a couple more ice cubes.

If you leave your drink in the container in the freezer too long, it can fail and make a huge mess. Glass bottles are not recommended because the ice expands when freezing and can shatter the glass explosively.


Homemade slushies are probably one of the easiest things you’ll ever make. All you need is a non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage, fruits, and ice. That’s it! Much healthier than the stuff you buy at the convenient store and they taste incredible.

Add a splash of coconut water for added sweetness and electrolytes, raw honey to sweeten it more if you want, or peppermint or citrus rind for extra flavor. These homemade slushies are lovely on hot, long summer days and have minerals and electrolytes to keep you hydrated!


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