December 13, 2017

Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee At Home: How To Make Starbucks Cold Brew

Are you a coffee addict? If you are, you probably have your favorite type of coffee that lifts you up and makes you excited! Most of the times, busy, working people buy their coffee at the local coffee shops, and we all know that Starbucks is one of the most prominent coffee shops in the USA.

However, you are not always able to go there and order your favorite cup of coffee. It is easy to pick up your favorite coffee on your way to work, but what about weekends, or when you are on vacation? The cravings are still there, but the coffee can be too far away for you to satisfy your addiction.

We suggest learning to make your favorite coffee at home. For starters, we will teach you how to make Starbucks cold brew as it is one of the customer favorites in the Starbucks stores.

What Is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew

Cold-Brew coffee is made with room-temperature water while most other coffees require that the temperature of the water used for brewing be between 195 and 205 degrees F. The water used in this instance is at a much lower temperature and thus the name cold-brew.

As the water is cold, not all solubles are going to be extracted in the course of the brewing which means that not all aromas and flavors will be present in the final product. It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you observe it.

Namely, some undesirable compounds are eliminated in this way but, unfortunately, so are some flavors that people like. The coffee prepared in this way is smooth and sweet- some like it that way, and some prefer their coffee stronger- it is simply a matter of preference!

Since the water is cold, you need to brew the coffee much longer than you do when preparing it in a traditional way and using the hot water. The minimal time is two hours, but the process can take as long as 24 hours.

The long brew time results in a higher level of caffeine, and therefore cold brew coffee needs to be drunk slowly rather than straight-up. The high caffeine content can be reduced by mixing the cold brew coffee with milk or water, and therefore most of the people drink this coffee in this way. The best ratio that will guarantee the best taste and enough caffeine to satisfy your needs is three to one in favor of milk. (3 parts milk + 1 part coffee concentrate)

Making Your Own Cold-Brew Coffee: General Guidelines

Making Your Own Cold-Brew Coffee

Making a cold-brew coffee at home will be a quite simple task once you figure out the basics. You can choose to purchase a specially designed system to cold brew the coffee, but you can also rely on the things you already have in your home.

We recommend the later, especially in the beginning or until you decide you actually like the cold-brew coffee that you can make in your own home, since, let’s face it, it will never be 100% identical to the one you buy at the Starbucks store. On the bright side, you might like your homemade version even better! Once you start making the cold-brew coffee every day, you should best invest in the equipment that will make the process easier and quicker.


In order to make your first cold brew coffee you will need:

● Coffee grinder
● Coffee filter
● Large Mason jar ( this can serve as your brewing container)
● Two liters of cold water
● One pound of coffee (454 grams)- choose Arabica, Guatemala Antigua or Ethiopia
● Ice cubes
● Milk

The procedure:

Measure the water and pour it into the Mason jar. Measure one pound of your preferred coffee and grind it on a finer grind. Add the coffee grounds to the water and stir well as you want all the grounds to be submerged. Cover the jar to protect your coffee from the insects and dust and leave it like that for at least 12 hours.

Use the coffee filter to filter the coffee. You can refrigerate it if you like, but that will not change the final results. When your coffee is ready, take a tall glass, put a few ice cubes in it, and pour the cold brew over them. If you like, you can also add some milk to your taste.

You can store the cold brew coffee for maximum five days- just make sure it is well sealed and refrigerated all the time!

How To Make Starbucks Cold Brew

Make Starbucks Cold Brew

If you wish your cold brew coffee to be completely the same as your favorite Starbucks cold brew, you need to step up the game and purchase their Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs that will help you recreate the original taste and texture at your home.

Their coffee is advertised as being a blend of 100% percent Arabica Latin American and African ground coffees, and buying the pitcher packs at their store will guarantee the same Cold Brew Blend that they serve in their cafes.

If you cannot find the Starbucks store near you (maybe that is the reason why you want to make their coffee at your home in the first place) you can always rely on the good old internet and purchase it online.

The Pitcher Packs are an easy solution to make this type of coffee as well, as you simply add them to water and leave the cold brew coffee mixture refrigerated for 24 hours. The result should be a cold brew coffee which is as smooth and rich as if you have ordered it in your favorite Starbuck café (or at least almost the same). You can serve it as it is or use syrups to sweet it up!

Here is the whole procedure in detail:

● Take two pitcher packs and put them into a large pitcher (at least 48-fluid-ounce).
● Pour four cups of filtered, cold water over the pitcher packs and cover the pitcher.
● Leave the coffee steep in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
● Take the pitcher out of the fridge and carefully take out the pitcher packs.
● Add three more cups of cold and filtered water to the pitcher.
● Take a tall glass and put a few ice-cubes in.
● Pour your Starbucks cold brew coffee into the glass and enjoy it whenever and wherever you like!

Useful information:

● When you buy the Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs, you receive four single pitcher packs that can make twelve 8-ounce servings.
● Once you make the cold brew, you can keep it refrigerated for up to seven days. It will stay fresh and tasty!

The Conclusion

We have provided you with two options- you can try and recreate the Starbuck coffee at your home by being creative and making your own coffee mixture from the same types of coffee they use, or buy their pitcher packs which are definitely a more convenient, but unfortunately a more expensive option as well.

Starbucks also sells special equipment that can make your job even easier, but you can do without it as well. All you really need is your good will and a lot of patience to wait for your coffee to brew and be ready to enjoy.

The cold brew coffee is definitely different from all the other types of coffee, and if you have never tried it now is the right time to do it! Do tell us what you think of this original brewing style, and how you like our recipes and instructions! We are sure you are going to be satisfied!


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