December 13, 2017

How To Drink Rum – The Complete Guide To Become A True Pirate

how to drink rum

We all tasted rum like an addition in some cocktails, and even in some desserts, but have you ever tried to drink it neat? A lot of people did, and they didn’t find the experience pleasant for the simple reason that they didn’t know how to drink it right.

We talked with some of the best bartenders we know, and we gathered the information you were missing. We also tried out the methods recommended, and we can say with certainty now that we know how to drink rum right.

The Origin Of Rum

how to drink rum

The origin of the first fermented drinks made of sugarcane is from China. The best example of such drinks is brum which was made by the Malay people. Iran was one of the ancient places where this kind of drinks was made, where Marco Polo recorded that he tasted a “wine made of sugar.”

The first rum was made on the sugarcane plantations in the Caribbean back in the 17h century. The slaves on the plantations discovered that byproduct of sugar refining could be fermented into alcohol. Sometime later, a distillation of the byproduct was done to remove impurities, and that’s how the first rum was made.

After the first development of the rum, its popularity spread to North America. And soon enough, the first distillery in the British Colonies was established. Around that time, Europe had an increased demand for sugar, which required more workforce, and that’s how the exchange of slaves for rum started.

How Is The Rum Made?

how to drink rum

The rum is made from sugarcane, but that doesn’t mean it’s sweet. It comes from byproducts of sugarcane like molasses and honey or even from sugarcane juice directly. It can be distilled or fermented, and when produced it’s being aged in oak barrels.

Most of the rum comes from the Caribbean and South America. Just like other spirits, rum has its own various grades. The one that is most commonly known which is used in cocktails is light rum. While dark and golden are consumed straight. Premium rums, however, could be consumed with ice.

The rum became famous when it was widely consumed in the Royal Navy where they mixed it with beer and created grog. Also, everyone thinks of pirates when rum is mentioned because they were one of the most passionate drinkers.

The Right Serving Temperature

The right temperature for all rums except the premium ones is the room temperature. It should not be chilled, and you can freely hold the glass in your hand without the fear that you will warm it up. It’s even encouraged to do so.

Most of the flavor and the aroma will be felt when rum is at the room temperature. Unless it’s a part of the cocktail, then the different rules apply. For neat serving, light rum, dark rum and golden rum all should be warmed up a bit before drinking.

Not on the heat source, but with accommodation to the temperature of the surrounding and the body heat of the drinker. As for the premium rums, they follow the rules of the whiskey. You can serve them with ice or with a splash of cold water.

Since premium rums have a high alcohol content, ice or water will make them more pleasant to drink. Also, rums with more than 45% of alcohol should not be consumed neat. Anything above requires more dilution than just a few cubes of ice.

How To Drink Rum Neat?

how to drink rum

As you know, different types of drinks require different types of glasses. And it’s for a reason. Bartenders claim that most of the time when you order your rum neat, you will get it served in a whiskey glass, which is not the best idea.

The rum is best served in grappa glasses. Why? Because these glasses make the aromas funnel to the nose, making the experience complete with the smell of rum along with the taste. Hold the glass in your hand for a while to warm it up and approach it slowly.

Make sure you don’t inhale it in like wine because it has a very strong smell. Slowly start to smell it from a distance. Let the aromas climb your nose slowly and then back away from it. Then you can proceed to take a closer smell. It’s important to do it that way, because of its high alcohol volume.

Take a small sip before you start to drink it. Make your mouth get used to it, and let it flow around your tongue. Then you can experience all the aromas that were hidden in that barrel of rum.

With What Ingredients To Mix It In Cocktails?

how to drink rum

You must have tried Mojito by now, which rum is a part of, and we bet a lot of other cocktails as well. It would be great to know what goes great with rum, so you can be a pro bartender at your party. We have selected the three of our favorite ones.


Mojito is a very simple cocktail, and you only need a couple of ingredients to make one. It requires rum, lime, sugar, mint, and soda. Probably the most refreshing cocktail and the best summer drink ever. There is not a lot of drink which can compare to the Mojito’s freshness.

Use a good light rum to mix it in, and you can use other fruits as well, like raspberry, pineapple, and watermelon.

Piña Colada

This creamy cocktail can be made by shaking the ingredients or blending them, your choice. It’s one more great summer cocktail that rich in flavor. To make one, you will need these ingredients: coconut, pineapple, and rum.

It appears more like a multivitamin juice than like an alcoholic beverage, which is why it’s so refreshing in the hot temperatures. You can top it off with a couple of cherries or strawberries to make the mix even more interesting.

Hot And Buttered

Now that we covered the summer cocktails, how about some winter coziness? This cocktail will help you warm up and relax in the winter temperatures. All you will need is vanilla extract, butter, brown sugar and dark rum.

Very simple and very accessible, you probably already have all the ingredients at home. It’s sweet, spicy and it can be made in large quantities to warm up the entire party. You can serve it at the room temperature, or you can even warm it up a little bit to serve it like hot cocoa.


In cocktails or neat, rum is truly a great drink to have. Its rich flavor and high alcohol volume can relax you pretty quickly with the taste that is unmatched. It’s a jack of all trades kind of drink which can be consumed with the purpose to refresh and cool you off or to warm you up.

We hope now you got a better idea of how to drink rum and that you have the knowledge you were looking for. How do you like your rum?


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