November 30, 2017

How To Cook Yellowfin Tuna – Ideas & Techniques That Don’t Fail

how to cook yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna is known for its meatiness and firmness, and it is most frequently used as a raw ingredient in sushi. However, it can be just as delicious when pan seared, cooked in a grill pan, or cooked in the oven.

You just need to know how to season it, how to oil the baking dish and many other things. In this article, we will go through this process in detail, for all three methods of cooking the yellowfin tuna.

But First: Why Love Yellowfin Tuna And Why Cook It?

Yellowfin tuna

Why is yellowfin tuna so popular species of fish? This fish is a member of the mackerel family that is high in omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are essential for your health because they are beneficial for your heart and they contribute to lowering levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) in your bloodstream.

Although it tastes perfect with sushi, not all people are fans of raw fish, and they shouldn’t be deprived of the health benefits and the amazing taste of this fish.

How To Oven-Cook Yellowfin Tuna?

Oven-Cook Yellowfin Tuna

When cooked in the oven, yellowfin tuna gets a delicate flavor and excellent firm texture, which allows it to be served without heavy sauces. Oven baked yellowfin tuna goes the best when served with green vegetables. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing it just right.

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Pour a few drops of olive oil (or another oil of your choice) and smear the oil evenly across the baking dish. A chilly oil will, for instance, give the tuna fish a spicier taste.
3. Sprinkle the baking dish with seasoning herbs of your choice. Although yellowfin tuna can be seasoned with almost anything because its natural flavor is neutral, some of the seasonings that work the best for this fish are ground pepper, kosher salt, lemon zest, garlic powder, coriander, smoked paprika, oregano or parsley.
4. Run the tuna steaks under cool water stream and then blot them dry with paper towels.
5. Place the steaks on the prepared baking dish.
6. Squeeze one half of lemon on top of the steaks and drizzle them with olive oil. Sprinkle with other spices and herbs, to taste.
7. Put the baking dish in the preheated oven and bake for about half an hour. You will notice that the steaks are done when the steaks become opaque, and it flakes apart easily when you drag pork across their top. Be careful not to overcook the yellowfin tuna, because it will become too dry.

How To Pan-Sear Yellowfin Tuna?

Pan-Sear Yellowfin Tuna

Pan searing yellowfin tuna results in the crispy crust on the outside and medium rare or rare inside. Tuna prepared in this way can be served with dipping sauce, such as spicy mayonnaise sauce, soy ginger or teriyaki sauce. It can also be sliced thinly and used as a salad ingredient. But first, let’s see how to prepare it.

1. Season the steaks lightly with salt and pepper and some additional spices such as parsley, coriander, and garlic powder.
2. Smear olive oil across the saucepan. Bring the pan to medium heat on the stove top.
3. Wash and wipe the tuna steaks.
4. Add the steaks to the pan when the oil is heated, and sear between two and four minutes on each side, for rare to medium rare or for about five to seven minutes (the heat needs to be lowered after four minutes) for well-done. The time of cooking will also depend on the thickness of the steaks.
5. Remove the tuna steaks and serve whole or sliced, depending on your choice of a meal.

Here’s an additional tip: if you want crispy tuna steaks, you should coat them with olive oil before baking and then press them on a shallow plate filled with crushed black peppercorns or sesame seeds. After you coat all sides of the steaks, you can put them in the pan to bake. You can also marinate the steaks for the additional flavor, using ingredients like balsamic vinaigrette, sesame oil, soy sauce, minced ginger and a splash of lime juice.

How To Grill Yellowfin Tuna?

Grill Yellowfin Tuna

Grilled tuna is prepared similarly as the pan seared variety, but grilling enriches its taste with the smoky aroma that can be accomplished only with this cooking method. If you are a fan of grilling, you will be pleased to know that preparing the yellowfin tuna this way is a breeze. Most of the steps are similar to the ones in pan searing, but here are a few additional tips that could help you get the best results.

1. Apply oil directly to the yellowfin tuna steaks.
2. Don’t grill the steaks beyond medium rare, unless you want them to be too dry and flavorless.
3. If you are marinating the steaks before cooking, make sure the marinade is mild and simple, because a marinade with a lot of acids will speed up the cooking more than it should and result in dry steaks.

Failproof Yellowfin Tuna Cooking Secrets

Failproof Yellowfin Tuna Cooking Secrets

Although it is fairly easy to prepare yellowfin tuna steaks, there are also too many chances to make a mistake that will cost you the soft texture and delicate taste. Avoid making them with these awesome culinary tips.

1. When buying yellowfin tuna, make sure you choose a good cut of fish. This means that it should be fresh, even and deep red, and it should definitely not have dark patches.
2. If you choose a piece of tuna that is about 1-inch-thick, then it will grill/cook in about 4 minutes on each side, provided that the pan/grill is preheated.
3. Get the tuna off the grill or from the pan before the surface gets crusty and dark.
4. Don’t let it rest, serve right away.
5. When marinating the steaks meant for grilling, don’t let them absorb the marinade too well. Instead, mildly brush some oil, salt, pepper, and seasonings on to them.

Bonus: A Fantastic Marinade Recipe

Marinade Recipe

If you are not grilling the tuna steaks, you can be creative with marinating, and this is one of the best recipes for this type of fish.


● 1 tsp garlic powder
● ½ cup vegetable oil
● ¼ cup soy sauce
● ¼ cup lemon juice
● 2 tsp Dijon mustard
● 1 tsp grated lemon peel


Just whisk all the ingredients together and pour over the tuna steaks. Leave in the refrigerator for one to three hours.

Knowing how to make roasted potato is one of the essential culinary lessons. Knowing how to cook yellowfin tuna is nowhere near this traditional dish on most of the priority lists, but it is surely healthier, and if mastered well, it can be even more delicious. Enjoy your new skill.


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